• RECTOVENAL: anorectal gel for hemorrhoids
    • fast relief of symptoms
    • cortisone-free
    • scientifically proven medical device
    • fabric plasters with excellent adhesion
    • Zenocare kids: plasters for children
  • OCAL: eye drops and eyebath for irritated and fatigued eyes
  • CLINADRY MULTI: eye lubricant suitable for all types of contact lenses
  • INDOLPHAR: anti-inflammatory mouth gel
    • stops canker sores and mouth ulcers
    • the Spilanthes forms a protective coat
  • FISIO CHAMBER: inhalation chamber and masks for all ages
    • antistatic
    • universal adapter
    • good price/quality ratio
  • FITTYDENT: adhesive strength for the denture
    • powerful adhesive and bonding cushions for dentures
    • waterproof
    • Fittydent Orthodontic: cleansing tablets and set for dentures and orthodontic braces
  • Q-RELIEVE: pregnancy test
  • HIV SELF TEST: home test kit
  • SIEMENS CLINITEST: Covid-19 selftest and professionnal test
  • fever thermometer


ID PHAR is situated in south eastern Flanders. Due to its central position in Belgium it is easy to reach and it can distribute products quickly.

ID PHAR bvba
Atomveldstraat 8 bus 2
9450 Haaltert - Belgium
T: +32 (0) 53 68 34 30
F: +32 (0) 53 68 34 44

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